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How to Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you want to watch your online streaming content, then Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best options because it’s easy to use and affordable. You can easily watch your favorite movies, shows, and music, and it has included different types of apps. It easily connects with your Wi-Fi, and its performance only depends on your Wi-Fi speed. So, here are the steps to set up Amazon Fire TV Stick.
Connect the Amazon Fire Stick to your TV
• Make sure your TV is on and connect the Micro USB cable into the power adapter.
• Now, connect the other part of cable to the Fire TV stick.
• After that, you can go to the back side of your TV and attach the Fire TV Stick into HDMI port on your TV.
Do the Settings
• Now pick up the remote and tap Home on your remote.
• Take your remote and press the Home button.
• Press the Play/Pause button on your remote.
• Now choose your language.
• After that, choose your Wi-Fi network.
• Now you can enter your Wi-Fi password and click …