Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Top 7 Launcher Apps for Android in 2019

Android launcher apps are great for giving a new look and feel to your phone. They have been in the market for a long time and preferred by many for use. From app icons to home screen look to the overall theme and more, you can change almost everything on your phone with the use of launcher apps. You will not have to stay limited with the features that the particular Android version features on your Android device. There are a lot of exciting features and customizable options that you get with these launcher apps.

Here are the best Android Launcher apps for you:

1. Nova Launcher

If we talk about one of the best and first Android launcher apps, Nova Launcher is one of them. It is a popular app, which is known for its exciting customization features such as gesture support, icon pack support, and more. Its developers timely update this app to ensure the smooth operation of this launcher app. You even get color customization options and an app drawer that can be customized accordingly, too. The backup and restore option featured in this app adds more to it.

2. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher app is an excellent option for the ones who love pixel devices. It consists of almost the features of the Pixel Smartphone and Android Pie, respectively. You get the option to import the existing layouts, as well, from other launchers such as Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense, Apex, and more. There is a customizable search box that you get with the Action Launcher. Also, it shows weather updates as well as calendar and date appointments.

3. Evie Launcher

The outstanding gesture controls being offered with this app makes it ideal for use. It also allows users to take the back up of its layout in Google Drive. You will get a lot of exciting customization option in this app too. It is a free app available on the Google Play Store, and one the best launcher apps available over there. Its recent update offered plenty of new features to the users such as the choice of selecting an ideal search engine, locking home screen icons, and much more.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft is known for best-in-class products. Its Microsoft Launcher app is also another masterpiece by the team. It lets you manage things with ease and gives a whole new look to your Android phone. The digital assistant that this particular apps offer makes it stand out from the rest. If you already own a Microsoft account, you get an extra advantage as you will be able to access the calendar, documents, and other things quickly.

5. Smart Launcher 5

If you want to enjoy out-of-the-box features with an Android launcher app, Smart Launcher 5 is the perfect option for you. It is entirely customizable and comes packed with a lot of icon packs and themes. You can easily make your home screen look different using them. This app gets updated by its developers every now and then, which makes it different from various Launcher apps. You can easily use it with most of the Android devices.

6. Apex Launcher

Choose the Apex Launcher app for changing the stock Android look. There are thousands of ideal icon packs and themes that are compatible with this app. You can download them through the Google Play Store app on your Android phone. The best thing about this app that it arranges the app on your phone according to the name, date of installation, and even how often you use them. Also, this app comes optimized for both tablets and smartphones.

7. Google Now Launcher

Google is known for a myriad of helpful and fun products and apps too. It is famous – because of its search engine, Android, and more – all around the world and provides a launcher app to Android users also. As it is a Google product, you will find no difficulty in integrating with various Google services. Even, it allows users to manage the bar design of Google search from the home screen only. To quickly search any app on your phone and fast scroll, you must choose this excellent launcher app being offered by the tech-giant Google itself.

So, if you like to play with the overall look of your phone and love customization, you need to check these apps out. Among these apps, Evie launcher and Microsoft Launcher app are the best options for those who need a lightweight and easy to use launcher app. But, for those who best customization option, Nova launcher and Action launcher are the best picks!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Most Effective Method to Take Screenshots on Android

Regardless of whether you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a Moto X Pure Edition, or a Google Pixel, each Android gadget is somewhat unique. Thus, it’s not constantly clear which catches you should press to take a screen capture. Figure out how to catch what’s on your screen and include impacts to Android screen captures any cell phone or tablet.
Screenshots on Android

How to Take a Screenshot on Any Android Device: Mcafee.com/Activate

How you take an Android screen capture relies upon where the Home catch is situated on your gadget. Investigate your cell phone or tablet. Does it have a physical Home catch like the Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel gadgets?

Assuming this is the case, the Home catch is situated on the base bezel of the gadget. Press and hold the Home and Power/Lock catches in the meantime for a couple of moments to catch the screen. The Power/Lock catch is for the most part on the top or upper-right half of the gadget.

On gadgets like the Motorola X Pure Edition, Droid Turbo 2, Google Nexus, and Droid Maxx 2, the physical Home mcafee.com/activate catch has been supplanted by a screen symbol. If so for you, press and hold the Power/Lock catch and the Volume Down catch in the meantime to take a screen capture.

Since these catches are regularly on a similar side of the gadget, it might take a couple of endeavors to hit the nail on the head. Make sure to press the two catches at the same time or else you may change the volume or lock the gadget.

The most effective method to Take Screenshots on Galaxy Devices Using Motions and Gestures

Samsung Galaxy gadgets offer an elective strategy for taking screen captures utilizing the Motions and motions include. Go to your gadget settings, pick Advanced highlights, select Motions and signals, at that point empower Palm swipe to catch.

Propelled highlights, Motions and signals, and Palm swipe to catch switch ON in Samsung settings

When you need to take a screen capture, swipe the side of your palm from left to right or from appropriate to left. Be cautious when you swipe so you don’t incidentally collaborate with the screen.

Where to Find Your Android Screenshots

Despite the gadget, after you catch a screen capture, you’ll locate the most as of late taken screen capture in your warning bar. Subsequent to clearing your notices, look in the Gallery application or in Google Photos for a collection called Screenshots.

Step by step instructions to Add Effects to Android Screenshots

From the Gallery application, it’s conceivable to share pictures and make adjustments, for example, editing or including embellishments. Pick the photograph you need to see, at that point tap the symbols in the upper-right corner of the application to share or alter the picture. In the event that you need more alternatives, attempt a devoted photograph altering application for Android.
Source : Screenshots on Android

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How to View Folder Size for Google Drive Folders

Google Drive is the safest place to save your system files or folders.  But there will be a time when you have to clear the storage in the Google Drive account. When you wish to view size for the Google Drive folders, then you will find that Google Drive doesn’t support this feature. Especially, it might not be possible to find the total size of the folders, but you can view each folder size by following the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Downloading the Google Drive Folders
•    Press on the “My Drive” option given on the left-hand side of the Google Drive official webpage to enlarge the folder listed on display.
•    You need to right-click on the Google Drive folder.
•    Tap on the “Download” button for saving the file to the hard disk drive.
•    After you choose the option as mentioned above, then you will get the “Preparing download” located at the end right-hand side in the Google Drive.
•    Go to the folder which you have downloaded earlier located in the File Manager.
•    It will be downloaded as the ZIP file.
•    You need to open the ZIP file first.
•    Click on the “Extract all” option.
•    Choose the folder for storing the extracted folder.
•    After that, click on the “Extract” option.
•    You need to right-click on the folder which you have extracted given in the File Manager window.
•    Choose the “Properties” option for opening the Properties menu.
•    In case you have completed, right-click on the Google Drive folder.
•    After that, choose the “Delete” option.
Steps for Downloading the Backup and Sync Applications
•    Log in to the account associated with Google.
•    Ensure that your Google account must be linked with the Google Drive account.
•    Now, you will get the option to choose the folder which you wish to start backing up to the Google Drive window.
•    Press on the “Choose Folder” option.
•    In case you don’t wish to choose any folder, then unselect all the Google Drive folders and after that, click on the “Next” button.
•    Choose the “Sync My Drive to this computer” option.
•    The folder which you have backed up will gets automatically saved on the default user directly folder.
•    Additionally, select the “Path” option.
•    Choose the “Sync only these folders” option to get the pull-down list of all the folders saved on the Google Drive.
•    Now, you will get the folder size of the Google Drive folders on display.
•    In case you have all those details which are important, then close the wizard.
•    Or, click on the “Start” button to sync the Google Drive folders with the hard disk drive.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

EA Hints New Need For Speed And Plant v/s Zombies Titles Coming Soon

During the unveiling of Electronic Arts financial year report, officials also announced two new exclusive titles namely New Need For Speed and Plant v/s Zombies to be soon accessible on various platforms.
Although no precise launch date is suggested for the said two titles, still EA did hint a release window which indicates that both the titles would be accessible for playing between October and December.
The report presented by EA suggests that the said titles Plant v/s Zombies and Need For Speed are most likely to be accessible during the same quarter when Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order would be launched.
As of now, the Star Wars Jedi title is expected to be launched on 15th November on Xbox, PC, and PS4. Need For Speed and Pant v/s Zombies is also enlisted for similar platforms as Star Wars Jedi which suggests that both the titles could be brought for players to access on both PC and gaming consoles platform like Xbox and PS4.
During the 2017-2018 financial reporting EA’s COO and CFO, Blake Jorgensen announced that they are looking forward to launching Anthem, Apex Legends, Titanfall, new IP, Plant v/s Zombies, Need for Speed and a complete shift to the Star Wars Jedi title.
And with the recent 2018-2019 earnings event, EA assured that the Plant v/s Zombies title will be a shooter type game and is an exclusive addition to the Plant v/s Zombies: Garden Warfare. Many community members have even suggested this new title to be a latest addition to the long-running Plan v/s Zombies series and have named the new title as Plant v/s Zombies: Garden Warfare 3.
But as of now, no official confirmation is either known for the name or the release date of the title, so it is better off to consider all such floating theories to be speculation and indeed wait for an official teaser trailer or hint to drop in the near future.
As per the recent financial report, an exciting new title is also aforementioned namely Sea of Solitude which is an original indie game developed by Electronic Arts and hinted during the EA play 2018.
 Reportedly the new Sea of Solitude title features players as a young female protagonist namely Kay who is in lost in a submerging city which is plagued with evil red-eyed creatures.
And beating all odds, Kay is also infected by this plague which is slowly converting her also into an evil red-eyed monster. Players will have to explore multiple locations in the game to cure this problem from spreading to others and cure the infected to make them humans again.
The said Sea of Solitude title is expected to be out on July 1 right before the expected Need for Speed. Let’s see how EA improves on their existing titles and create some exciting games for players to have fun while playing.
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Monday, April 22, 2019

How to Prepare Windows PC or Mac for Ubuntu Linux Installation

While Linux is slightly less known but it is a powerful and interesting operating system.  It is used by software developers and loved by coders. The operating system is incredibly versatile, available in various versions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Debian, and Fedora). Each version offers a different experience. Ubuntu Linux is the first choice of beginners, and the reason is its desktop interface, which is similar to macOS. Therefore, it is probably best to start.

How to prepare a computer to install Ubuntu Linux
1.    First, ensure that your computer is capable of running Ubuntu Linux or not: These are the minimum system requirement to install Ubuntu in a computer:
•    Processor: 2 GHz dual-core
•    RAM: Minimum 2 GB
•    Hard drive space: At least 25 GB should be free
•    The computer must have a working DVD drive or USB port
2.    Create an Ubuntu installer disc or drive:
•    You can use a flash drive of at least 2GB and a DVD disc of standard 4.5 GB.
•    Insert the disc or drive into your computer.
•    And, put the Ubuntu ISO file into the flash drive or disc to create the installer.
If you’re using a DVD, then you need to burn the Ubuntu ISO file onto it. If you don’t know how to burn a CD, then it’s better to use a flash drive. Format the flash drive before sending the ISO file into it, use FAT32 file system in Windows and MS-DOS (FAT) in Mac while formatting.
How to download the Ubuntu Linux ISO file
Ubuntu ISO file is required to create an installer. If you’re also creating an installer drive, then follow the steps to download the file.
1.    Open your computer’s web browser.
2.    Visit ‘www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop’.
3.    In the opened web page, you’ll see the different version of Ubuntu.
4.    Scroll down and find a version you want to install, the latest version is Ubuntu 18.10.
5.    Click the ‘Download’ button to select it.
6.    Scroll toward down and click on ‘Not now, take me to the download link.’
7.    Click on ‘Download now’ link.
Once the Ubuntu version is downloaded, send the ISO file to the blank DVD or USB drive to create the installer.
3.    Create a partition of hard drive:
Whether an operating system is installed in your computer or not, you can create a separate partition of your hard drive to install Ubuntu Linux. Make sure the partition you’re creating is at least of 5 GB, but recommended by Ubuntu is 25.
Now, you’re fully prepared to install the Ubuntu Linux operating system in your computer. The process of installing Ubuntu depends on the device you’re using.
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